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Slottr makes building online signup sheets dead simple. Don’t take our word for it, try it right now for yourself, no signup needed.

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What is slottr?

Slottr is the easiest way to create and publish your online signup sheet. Let people sign up for time slots, simply enter dates and times for a set of tasks or activities, then publish and share it by emailing a link, sharing on facebook or embedding your form right into your website. It’s simple, easy and best of all, free!

Who is slottr for?

Anybody and everybody. We've seen a grandmother go from signing up to sharing a form with her co-workers on Facebook and collecting sign-ups in literally minutes. Whether it be to coordinate a refreshment schedule for a local soccer team, signup for parent teach interviews, manage sign-ups for a class or to figure out who is bringing what to the office party, we’re committed to making slottr unbelievably simple to use.

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