What Can Use It For?

Anything where you used to use a paper signup sheet. Or anything where you need to collect names, into slots, with optional dates and times. Try it out!

We've seen sheets used for:

  • Volunteer Signup Sheets
  • Political Action
  • Prayer Lists
  • Potluck Signup Sheets
  • Office Hours
  • Interview Signups
  • Parent Teacher Interviews
  • Classroom Duties
  • Party Organizing
  • Snack Duties
  • Gift Registry

Do I Need to Pay?

Unfortunately, running this service requires time and resources. We serve ads to help cover our costs. If you would like to remove those ads, we charge a small fee.

How Can I Pay?

Login to your Slottr account and we offer the ability to pay online.

Is the Project Actively Maintained?


If you need help, send us an email and we'll do our best to give you a hand.