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Call Mayor Bowser: Final Veto Week - Stand up for Families!

<C>Tell Mayor Muriel Bowser: "Do NOT veto the Universal Paid Leave Act."</C>

<C>Call-In Days are Monday, Feb 13-Thursday, Feb 16.
Feel free to sign up for slots on each day! Our Mayor NEEDS to hear from all of us that standing in the way of #PaidLeave4DC would be a moral and political mistake. </C>

<c>The number is (202) 727-2643</c>

Here is a sample script:

Hello! I am calling to ask Mayor Bowser to allow the Universal Paid Leave Act to become law. Paid family and medical leave insurance is a necessary lifeline in these uncertain times and I want to see our local government show bold leadership on this crucial front. Please do not veto hope for DC workers and families like mine.

<C>(Optional: Paid leave is personally important to me because ________.) </C>

Wednesday Early Morning
Wed, Feb 15 @ 9:00 AM
Rebecca Barson, Rebecca Barson , Jessica Champagne, Catherine Gibson, jeremiah lowery, Travis Ballie, yavar moghimi, Robert S. Lott
Wednesday Mid Morning
Wed, Feb 15 @ 11:00 AM

Alexandra Bradley, Anna A, Ankita Patnaik, Ethan Miller, Kathleen Logan, Sophie Schoenberg, Rachel Mandelbaum
Wednesday Early Afternoon
Wed, Feb 15 @ 1:00 PM
Rose Espinola, Allana D'Amico, Victoria, Adam Briskin-Limehouse, Brigid McDermott, Shira Berman, Aaron Fenster, Peter Estes
Wednesday Late Afternoon
Wed, Feb 15 @ 3:00 PM
Tania, Travis Ballie, Justin Jacoby Smith, Amanda Koppelman-Milstein, Amy R, sophie zimiles, Kristin Witting, Steph Pettit
Thursday Early Morning
Thu, Feb 16 @ 9:00 AM

Caitlin Krieck, Sarah Marcus, Allana D'Amico, Katherine, Julie Margolies, Jocie S., Samantha E Master
Thursday Mid Morning
Thu, Feb 16 @ 11:00 AM

Rebecca Barson, Jeremiah Lowery, Dale Kaufman, Aaron Fenster, Amy Hemingway, Juliene James, Sabina Henneberg
Thursday Early Afternoon
Thu, Feb 16 @ 1:00 PM
Rose Espinola, Justin Jacoby Smith, Margo Scott Dunn, Nikko Bilitza, Nikko Bilitza, Amy Hemingway, Caroline Boules, Mackenzie Baris
Thu, Feb 16 @ 3:00 PM

Alex C, Joanna Blotner, Melanie, Amanda Koppelman-Milstein, Vanessa T Lamers, Leora, Sabina Henneberg, Charlotte