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Fireworks Sign ups

Please help us out with the fireworks stand from June 30-July 5.

Set up 12-6pm (Thurs)
Thu, Jun 30 @ 12:00 PM

Melanie Webb, Faith Webb, Jillian Deaube, Kelly Deaube
Security 6-10pm (Thurs)
Thu, Jun 30 @ 6:00 PM
Don Deaube, Robert Johnson
Overnight Security 10pm until 8am (Thurs/Fri)
Thu, Jun 30 @ 10:10 PM
Jillian Deaube, Lucy Lopez
Fireworks Stand 8-10am (Fri)
Fri, Jul 1 @ 8:00 AM
Irina Cernucan, Faith Webb, Linda Farris
Fireworks Stand 10-2pm (Fri)
Fri, Jul 1 @ 10:00 AM
Kimberly Garcia , Stephanie Johnson
Fireworks Stand 2-6pm (Fri)
Fri, Jul 1 @ 2:00 PM
Aracely Rojas, Faith Webb, Melanie Webb
Fireworks Stand 6-10pm (Fri)
Fri, Jul 1 @ 6:00 PM
Kimberly Garcia , Von Cashman, Allison Jones
Overnight Security 10pm-8am (Fri/Sat)
Fri, Jul 1 @ 10:00 PM
Joshua Gonzalez, Robert Johnson
Fireworks Stand 8-10am (Sat)
Sat, Jul 2 @ 8:00 AM
Linda Farris, Stephanie Johnson
Fireworks Stand 10-2pm (Sat)
Sat, Jul 2 @ 10:00 AM
Eddie Martin, Faith Webb, Melissa Seger, Allison Jones
Fireworks Stand 2-6pm (Sat)
Sat, Jul 2 @ 2:00 PM
Faith Webb, Von Cashman, Robert Johnson
Fireworks Stand 6-10pm (Sat)
Sat, Jul 2 @ 6:00 PM
Tim Osburn, Kim Osburn, Don Deaube, Joshua Alexander
Overnight Security 10pm-8am (Sat-Sun)
Sat, Jul 2 @ 10:00 PM
Matt Osburn, Josh Goodlink
Fireworks Stand 8am-10:30am (Sun)
Sun, Jul 3 @ 8:00 AM
Manuel Lopez, Stephanie Johnson
Fireworks Stand 10:30am-2pm (Sun)
Sun, Jul 3 @ 10:00 AM
Martin rojas , Emma Bollinger, Bethany Webb, Faith Webb
Fireworks Stand 2-6pm (Sun)
Sun, Jul 3 @ 2:00 PM

Lucy Lopez , Karli Osburn, Melissa Seger
Fireworks Stand 6-10pm (Sun)
Sun, Jul 3 @ 6:00 PM

Kim Osburn, Tim Osburn, Von Cashman
Overnight Security 10pm-8am (Sun-Mon)
Sun, Jul 3 @ 10:00 PM
Jerry Bollinger, Bob Crizer
Fireworks Stand 8am-10am (Mon)
Mon, Jul 4 @ 8:00 AM
Linda Farris, Faith Webb, Bethany Webb, Melissa Seger
Fireworks Stand 10am-2pm (Mon)
Mon, Jul 4 @ 10:00 AM
Faith Webb, Bethany Webb, Melissa Seger, Robert Johnson
Fireworks Stand 2-6pm (Mon)
Mon, Jul 4 @ 2:00 PM

Allison and Eddie Martin, Katie Goodlink, Connie Cashman, Von Cashman
Fireworks Stand 6-10pm (Mon)
Mon, Jul 4 @ 6:00 PM

Sandy Richter, Bill Richter, Ana Vega, Alfredo Vega
Clean up and close out 10pm-12am (Mon)
Mon, Jul 4 @ 10:00 PM
Jason Friese, Faith Webb, Robert Webb
Overnight Security 10pm-8am (Mon-Tues)
Mon, Jul 4 @ 10:00 PM
Turn in fireworks 8-11am (Tues)
Tue, Jul 5 @ 8:00 AM
Tom Hocking, Robert Johnson