ALERT: Tell Chairman Mendelson to Remove Jack Evans from Finance and Judiciary Committees

Call on Council Chair Phil Mendelson to remove Councilmember Jack Evans as Chair of the Finance and Revenue Committee and from his post on the Judiciary committee.

Councilmember Evans’ misconduct has been well documented in local media. His blatant attempts to use his public office for private financial gain, and the fact that he is now under a grand jury investigation, make it impossible for him to continue business as usual as Chair of the Finance Committee.

So far, the only official response that Chairman Mendelson has proposed is a reprimand of Councilmember Evans, which is not enough. So, from Friday March 8th to Friday March 15th, we need DC residents to flood Chairman Mendelson's office with phone calls to show the public demands real consequences.

Sign up for a slot below, and at your assigned time call (202)724-8032 to reach Chairman Mendelson's office. You should speak from the heart, but feel free to use this sample message:

"Hello, my name is __________ and I live in _________ (neighborhood or Ward). I'm calling because I am deeply concerned about the reports that Councilmember Evans used his public office for private gain. Councilmember Evans actions require a more serious response than the reprimand vote that's been proposed for next Tuesday. I'm asking Chairman Mendelson to use his power as leader of the Council to remove Councilmember Evans from both the Finance and Judiciary committees. Thank you."

The sheet does not take any results after Friday, March 15, 6:00 PM.

What When Who
Early Afternoon (12:00-3:00) Fri, Mar 8
Late Afternoon (3:00-5:00) Fri, Mar 8
Morning (9:00-11:59) Fri, Mar 8
Early Afternoon (12:00-3:00) Mon, Mar 11
Late Afternoon (3:00-5:00) Mon, Mar 11
Morning (9:00-11:59) Mon, Mar 11
Early Afternoon (12:00-3:00) Tue, Mar 12
Late Afternoon (3:00-5:00) Tue, Mar 12
Morning (9:00-11:59) Tue, Mar 12
Early Afternoon (12:00-3:00) Wed, Mar 13
Late Afternoon (3:00-5:00) Wed, Mar 13
Morning (9:00-11:59) Wed, Mar 13
Early Afternoon (12:00-3:00) Thu, Mar 14
Late Afternoon (3:00-5:00) Thu, Mar 14
Morning (9:00-11:59) Thu, Mar 14
Early Afternoon (12:00-3:00) Fri, Mar 15
Late Afternoon (3:00-5:00) Fri, Mar 15
Morning (9:00-11:59) Fri, Mar 15