Protect Paid Family Leave Fridays!

Join #PaidLeave4DC call-in days happening EVERY Friday to stop Council’s #AttackonDCPaidLeave

Good news!! The Universal Paid Leave Act received full funding to create the infrastructure to set up the paid leave social insurance program!

Unfortunately, our law is still at a high risk of being repealed and replaced in the next few months, so our work isn’t over yet. We also need to make sure the implementation of the Universal Paid Leave Act starts immediately. We will continue to make calls to elected officials to ask them to protect the Universal Paid Leave Act and fight against all alternative bills. Each week we think strategically about who we will call - so stay tuned every Friday - the call script is below!

Please sign up for a regular time to call an elected official, so pick a time that will be relatively consistent for you. Each call takes about 2 minutes. We will also send you a reminder text a few minutes before your scheduled call.

This week, we’re calling Chairman Phil Mendelson:

(202) 724-8032

Here's a sample script:

"Hi, my name is _________ and I live/work in Washington, DC.

I'm calling today to remind the Chairman that a year ago, he helped lead the fight to pass a groundbreaking paid family and medical leave policy in the District. It’s time for the Chairman to be the leader he was last year; he needs to stand up for his constituents and protect the social insurance program he not only voted for, but also helped write. I've been really frustrated watching the Chairman’s attempts to repeal the Universal Paid Leave Act and try to replace it with a weaker version that will ultimately keep some workers and families from being able to access it. I have worked with other District residents and voters to ensure Paid Leave become a reality for all DC's employees, and I will keep up my advocacy until the Chairman hears us. Thank you so much for your time."

[feel free to include a personal story about why employer control of paid leave benefits is scary for you]


You can also ask the staff member to follow up with you by providing your phone number and email address. Remember to thank the staff who you talk to - they work hard and are fielding a lot of our calls!

What When Who
Make #PaidLeave4DC call 8:30 AM
Make #PaidLeave4DC call 8:40 AM
Make #PaidLeave4DC call 8:45 AM
Make #PaidLeave4DC call 8:50 AM
Make #PaidLeave4DC call 9:00 AM
Make #PaidLeave4DC call 9:10 AM
Make #PaidLeave4DC call 9:15 AM
Make #PaidLeave4DC call 9:20 AM
Make #PaidLeave4DC call 9:30 AM
Make #PaidLeave4DC call 9:40 AM
Make #PaidLeave4DC call 9:45 AM
Make #PaidLeave4DC call 9:50 AM
Make #PaidLeave4DC call 10:00 AM
Make #PaidLeave4DC call 10:10 AM
Make #PaidLeave4DC call 10:15 AM
Make #PaidLeave4DC call 10:20 AM
Make #PaidLeave4DC call 10:30 AM
Make #PaidLeave4DC call 10:40 AM
Make #PaidLeave4DC call 10:45 AM
Make #PaidLeave4DC call 10:50 AM
Make #PaidLeave4DC call 11:00 AM
Make #PaidLeave4DC call 11:10 AM
Make #PaidLeave4DC call 11:15 AM
Make #PaidLeave4DC call 11:20 AM
Make #PaidLeave4DC call 11:30 AM
Make #PaidLeave4DC call 11:40 AM
Make #PaidLeave4DC call 11:45 AM
Make #PaidLeave4DC call 11:50 AM
Make #PaidLeave4DC call 12:00 PM
Make #PaidLeave4DC call 12:10 PM
Make #PaidLeave4DC call 12:15 PM
Make #PaidLeave4DC call 12:20 PM
Make #PaidLeave4DC call 12:30 PM
Make #PaidLeave4DC call 12:40 PM
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Make #PaidLeave4DC call 12:50 PM
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Make #PaidLeave4DC call 1:10 PM
Make #PaidLeave4DC call 1:15 PM
Make #PaidLeave4DC call 1:20 PM
Make #PaidLeave4DC call 1:30 PM
Make #PaidLeave4DC call 1:40 PM
Make #PaidLeave4DC call 1:45 PM
Make #PaidLeave4DC call 1:50 PM
Make #PaidLeave4DC call 2:00 PM
Make #PaidLeave4DC call 2:10 PM
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Make #PaidLeave4DC call 3:50 PM
Make #PaidLeave4DC call 4:00 PM
Make #PaidLeave4DC call 4:00 PM
Make #PaidLeave4DC call 4:10 PM
Make #PaidLeave4DC call 4:15 PM
Make #PaidLeave4DC call 4:20 PM
Make #PaidLeave4DC call 4:30 PM
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