Fight for $15 Call In Days 9/27 and 9/28!

Help the Fight for a $15 Minimum Wage!


Last spring a bill was introduced to raise the minimum wage to $15/hr by 2020. The Health and Human Services (HHS) Committee is currently considering the bill. Two of the three members on that committee, Councilmember Roger Berliner and Councilmember Craig Rice, have not co-sponsored the bill and have indicated opposition. We are calling these Councilmembers to let them know we want a $15 minimum wage by 2020 with NO exceptions and NO exemptions, and we want them to pass the bill out of committee.

Please call Council Vice President Berliner on September 27 and Councilmember Rice on September 28! The calls take 1-2 minutes each (really, we promise, that is not an exaggeration!), so you will make a big impact spending about 5 minutes of your time.

A script and phone #'s are below.

You will also receive a text message each day reminding you about your call and noting whether there have been any changes to the script.


"Hi, my name is _______. I am a Montgomery County resident and voter.

I am calling to let you know I support the bill for a $15 minimum wage by 2020. I hope you will support a strong bill that covers all workers--no exceptions, no exemptions--and that as a member of HHS you will take the first step by voting to pass this legislation through committee. Thank you for taking these calls and listening to the community!"

Please thank the staff with whom you speak - they work hard and are fielding a lot of our calls!

Please sign up for a time slot to call Councilmember Berliner on September 27 and Councilmember Rice on September 28. You will sign up for ONE slot and call at the same time each of the two days.

If you live in Councilmember Berliner's or Rice's District, please make sure you mention that first thing!

Don't know your District? Go to http://www2.montgomerycountymd.gov/mccouncildistrict/

Tuesday, September 27, Council Vice President Berliner (District 1), 240-777-7828

Wednesday, September 28, Councilmember Rice (District 3), 240-777-7955


THANK YOU FOR TAKING ACTION! By showing Councilmembers their constituents, the people of Montgomery County, are FightingFor15, we can win a strong bill.

Email holli@jufj.org if you have any questions or need to change your call-in time. If you let us know the new call-in time, we'll adjust your text reminder.

Note: If your preferred time slot is filled, call anyway--but we would love to know you participated, so please email holli@jufj.org with your name, time slot, and phone # so that you will receive a text reminder. If you can't call at the time you signed up for, also please call when you can!

The sheet does not take any results after Wednesday, September 28, 2016, 12:00 PM.

What When Who
MoCo FightFor15 9:00 AM
MoCo FightFor15 9:10 AM
MoCo FightFor15 9:20 AM
MoCo FightFor15 9:40 AM
MoCo FightFor15 9:50 AM
MoCo FightFor15 10:00 AM
MoCo FightFor15 10:10 AM
MoCo FightFor15 10:20 AM
MoCo FightFor15 10:40 AM
MoCo FightFor15 10:50 AM
MoCo FightFor15 11:00 AM
MoCo FightFor15 11:10 AM
MoCo FightFor15 11:20 AM
MoCo FightFor15 11:40 AM
MoCo FightFor15 11:50 AM
MoCo FightFor15 12:00 PM
MoCo FightFor15 12:10 PM
MoCo FightFor15 12:20 PM
MoCo FightFor15 12:30 PM
MoCo FightFor15 12:40 PM
MoCo FightFor15 12:50 PM
MoCo FightFor15 1:00 PM
MoCo FightFor15 1:10 PM
MoCo FightFor15 1:20 PM
MoCo FightFor15 1:30 PM
MoCo FightFor15 1:40 PM
MoCo FightFor15 1:50 PM
MoCo FightFor15 2:00 PM
MoCo FightFor15 2:10 PM
MoCo FightFor15 2:20 PM
MoCo FightFor15 2:30 PM
MoCo FightFor15 2:40 PM
MoCo FightFor15 2:50 PM
MoCo FightFor15 3:00 PM
MoCo FightFor15 3:10 PM
MoCo FightFor15 3:20 PM
MoCo FightFor15 3:30 PM
MoCo FightFor15 3:40 PM
MoCo FightFor15 3:50 PM
MoCo FightFor15 4:00 PM
MoCo FightFor15 4:10 PM
MoCo FightFor15 4:20 PM
MoCo FightFor15 4:30 PM
MoCo FightFor15 4:40 PM
MoCo FightFor15 4:50 PM