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Hay Fever Auditions - Old Mill Theatre, South Perth

Directed by Barry Park
Rehearsals: (Tuesday and Thursday evenings & Saturday afternoons) commencing on 24th July 2021
Performances: 7.30pm: 24, 25, 29 September, 1, 2, 7, 8, 9 October. 2.00pm: 26 September, 3 October.
Auditions by appointment: at The Old Mill Theatre
This is a non-paid community theatre production.
Casting 4 males, 5 females (with experience)
Please deliver a short, prepared monologue and also be prepared to read the lines of your preferred character.
The script can be read at:
Judith Bliss: Lead, Female, 40-60, South East England
David Bliss's wife and Sorel and Simon's mother, Judith Bliss is a recently retired actress, although she still loves to act and keeps insisting she will return to her craft. She invites Sandy Tyrell as a weekend guest.

David Bliss: Lead, Male, 40-60, South East England
Judith Bliss's husband and Sorel and Simon's father, David Bliss is a successful novelist who hides away for long periods of time attempting to write his novel. He invites Jackie Coryton as a weekend guest.

Sorel Bliss: Lead, Female 18-25, South East England
Judith and David's daughter, Sorel Bliss is nineteen years old and bored with most of life. She is educated in the arts and is fresh, vibrant, intelligent, and full of life. She invites Richard Greatham as a weekend guest.

Simon Bliss: Lead, Male 18-30, South East England
Judith and David's son, Simon Bliss is an aspiring artist who is in constant competition with Sorel for Judith’s attention. He invites Myra Arundel as a weekend guest.

Myra Arundel: Supporting, Female, 25-45, South East England
Well-dressed, confident, and sophisticated; invited to the Bliss house by her admirer, Simon.

Richard Greatham: Male, Supporting, 30-40, South East England
Sorel's invited house guest, a proper English diplomat; somewhat stiff, but likeable and intelligent.

Jackie Coryton: Female, Supporting, 20-30, South East England
David's invited houseguest, "a perfectly sweet flapper." Very sweet, but not very bright.

Sandy Tyrell: Supporting, Male, 20-30, South East England
Judith’s invited house guest; amateur boxer with a youthful energy and adoring fascination for Judith.

Clara: Supporting, Female, 40-60, South East England
Judith's former dresser and now her housekeeper; overworked and under-appreciated.

Barry Park is an experienced actor and director whose productions have achieved considerable success. His most recent production was Arcadia for Harbour Theatre. He recently directed The Boys in the Band (Dolphin and State Theatre Centre of WA.) He won the Finley’s Director Award for his Playlover’s production of August: Osage County, which also won Robert Finley Best Play Award and several others. His GRADS production of David Henry Hwang’s M. Butterfly won the Finley Director Award, Best Play Award and several other awards.

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