Channing House Meal Delivery Volunteers 9/12 - 9/18

We need three people per meal, per day. (If we don't have three, then a staff person will have to fill in.)

Click "Slot me in" on the day and meal you want to deliver, then enter your name and your house phone extension.

Saturday Breakfast
Sat, Sep 12 @ 7:30 AM
Nancy Drapkin, Tom, Marcia Pugsley
Saturday Lunch
Sat, Sep 12 @ 12:00 PM
Bob Schwaar, Miriam DeJongh, Patty Irish
Saturday Dinner
Sat, Sep 12 @ 5:15 PM
Joan Gurasich , Jean Pressey, Colin
Sunday Breakfast
Sun, Sep 13 @ 7:30 AM
Sherry Blair, Colin, Dave Thornton
Sunday Lunch
Sun, Sep 13 @ 12:00 PM
karen fry, Linda Knock, Barbara Bayha
Sunday Dinner
Sun, Sep 13 @ 5:15 PM
Gwen Barry, Julie Barney, Prudence Breitrose
Monday Breakfast
Mon, Sep 14 @ 7:30 AM
jean pressey, Colin, Michele Grundmann
Monday Lunch
Mon, Sep 14 @ 12:00 PM
Ian Aitchison, Colin, Chuck Hebel
Monday Dinner
Mon, Sep 14 @ 5:15 PM
D. Morrison, Mary Alice Thorntn, Florence Haas
Tuesday Breakfast
Tue, Sep 15 @ 7:30 AM
Lennie Stovel, Carol Bacchetti, Susan Hartzell
Tuesday Lunch
Tue, Sep 15 @ 12:00 PM
Eva Kryska, Florence Haas, Miriam DeJongh
Tuesday Dinner
Tue, Sep 15 @ 5:15 PM
Jean pressey, karen fry, Bob Schwaar
Wednesday Breakfast
Wed, Sep 16 @ 7:30 AM
Dave Thornton, Rich Albert, Colin
Wednesday Lunch
Wed, Sep 16 @ 12:00 PM
Chuck Hebel, Nancy Flowers, Ted Andersson
Wednesday Dinner
Wed, Sep 16 @ 5:15 PM
D. Morrison, Frances Morse, John Morse
Thursday Breakfast
Thu, Sep 17 @ 7:30 AM
Susan Hartzell, Carol Bacchetti, Sue gilbert
Thursday Lunch
Thu, Sep 17 @ 12:00 PM
Laurie Liston , Joanna Liston, Pruedence Breitrose
Thursday Dinner
Thu, Sep 17 @ 5:15 PM
Joan Gurasich , Eva Kryska, Mickie Winkler
Friday Breakfast
Fri, Sep 18 @ 7:30 AM
Betsy Young, Marcia Pugsley, Michele Grundmann
Friday Lunch
Fri, Sep 18 @ 12:00 PM
Bob Schwaar, Joan Jack, Mildred Jones
Friday Dinner
Fri, Sep 18 @ 5:15 PM
Jean Aitchison, Colin, Lois Fowkes