Questions Moms Ask Submissions

We would love to have you participate in the Questions Moms Ask Video Series we are producing for Teach Them Diligently 365. Sign up for a slot if you would like to receive detailed instructions about how to create and submit a video where you as a TTD partner are able to answer some of the most prevalent questions homeschool moms ask. These videos will be edited together, published on our TTD365 platform as well as on FB and YouTube and will give you extra exposure with our audience throughout the year. Feel free to send links, freebies, etc. to include with your submission. The following questions/categories were submitted by TTD families. Submissions will be accepted based on quality of video and content, and TTD reserves the right to use or not to use any video submitted. Once I receive your reservation, I'll send more details, including deadline information to you right away. Thanks! Any questions? Contact Leslie@teachthemdiligently.net

Avoiding Burnout
Best homeschool hacks
Charlotte Mason Education Ideas
Classical Education Ideas
Dads Who Are The Primary Homeschooler
Discipleship Ideas, specifically Missional Opportunitites
Do You Have Any Regrets?
Homeschool Finances
Homeschooling Multiple Levels
Homeschooling with special needs tips and ideas
How Do I know I'm not completely messing up my kid?
How did you learn to manage your time well? How did you teach your children that?
How do co-ops fit into home education?
How do you keep the right perspective about where your children are developmentally, spiritually, etc. (Comparison)
How do you overcome your fears?
How to keep siblings close and avoid rivalry
How to recover from days you feel like a failure?
How/Where Do You Find Time For Yourself?
Organizing Your Stuff
Planning Your Day-- How do you fit everything into your day?
Planning your Homeschool Year
Tips for staying “present” with your children, even when it doesn’t look pretty (messy house and they are fighting)?
What Has Been The Biggest Lesson You've Learned About Yourself or Your Kids?
Working Mom/Homeschool Mom